Logical Connectives Examples:
The videos below introduce and work examples related to the logical connectives AND, OR, and NOT.
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Logical Connectives Example 01


Running Time: 5:33

In this example, we use logical connectives to translate English sentences into a logical expression.  Logical connectives include the AND symbol, OR symbol, and NOT, symbol.

Logical Connectives Example 02


Running Time: 6:31

This video analyzes and determines the validity of several different logical expressions.  These logical expressions use the logical connectives AND, OR, and NOT.

Logical Connectives Example 03


Running Time: 5:54

In this example, we examine different logical expressions and translate them back into English sentences.


While we don't often have to do this for sentences such as this (except in a math course), it is very good general practice at making sure we understand how to map words to equations and vice versa which is something we often have to do in mathematics, i.e. make statements precise using mathematical symbols.

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