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Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula
A few algebra videos I made for my son to help him review.

9.5 Completing the Square: When a = 1


Running Time: 5:21

We solve quadratic equations by completing the square for the special case when a = 1.

9.5 Completing the Square: Perfect Square Trinomials


Running Time: 5:04

We complete the square to find the value for c to make each expression a perfect-square trinomial.

9.5 Completing the Square: The Vertex Of A Parabola


Running Time: 4:24

Given the equation for a parabola, we complete the square to easily identify the parabola vertex.

9.5 Completing the Square: When a is not 1


Running Time: 5:34

We solve quadratic equations by completing the square when the coefficient a is NOT equal to 1.

9.6 The Quadratic Formula: Solving Equations


Running Time: 5:08

We use the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations.

9.6 The Quadratic Formula: Appropriate Solutions


Running Time: 4:06

When working word problems that involve using the quadratic formula, one should be careful to choose a final solution that is appropriate.

9.6 The Quadratic Formula: Discriminant and Number of Solutions


Running Time: 3:59

The discriminant of a quadratic equation is b^2 - 4ac. Depending on the value of the discriminant, the equation has either 2 real-valued solutions, 1 real-valued solution, or no real-valued solutions.

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