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Course Description

This is an undergraduate course that teaches methods for analyzing discrete-time signals and systems.  Important topics include Nyquist sampling theory, quantization, signal classification, solving difference equations, system impulse response and frequency response, the Discrete-Time Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform, and the Z-Transform.


The textbook used for the course is, "Signal Processing and Linear Systems" by B. P. Lathi.


The comprehensive set of videos listed below now cover all the topics in the course; 168 videos with nearly 23 hours of content.

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Video Lectures

Classroom Lectures

Example Problems




Old Exams


  • A comprehensive collection of midterm and final exams (along with solutions) is located in the Members Area of the site.

Matlab Code/Examples

  • Sampling a Sinusoid




This example considers impulse sampling of a sinusoid, but all analytic work is performed in Matlab.  The example demonstrates the concept of aliasing and how the aliased frequency can be computed.


You can download the code used in this example in the Members Area of the site.

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