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Use the options below to pay a one-time fee via PayPal of $19.99.  Once payment is received, I'll approve your Members Only Account and you'll obtain permanent access to the Members Only Content described below.

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Members Only Content

Exclusive Videos

  • I have 250+ videos on my YouTube channel that are currently available for anyone to watch for free.  Portions of this website, as indicated by bold blue text,and many videos posted to my YouTube channel starting in May 2018 are viewable by members only.

Slides and Downloads

  • Continuous-Time Signals and Systems course (320+ slides, 11+Matlab files)

  • Discrete-Time Signals and Systems course (470+ slides, 22+ Matlab files)

  • Intro to Data Communication Networks course (390+ slides, 15+ Matlab files)

  • Random Processes course (290+ slides, 11+ Matlab files)

  • Digital Communications course (400+ slides, 4+ Matlab files)

  • Applied Linear Algebra course (60+ example notes)

  • Mathematical Proofs course (55+ example notes)

  • Matlab Code (Tutorial code and 60+ other files)

Exam Archive

  • Continuous-Time Signals and Systems course (3+ exams and solutions)

  • Discrete-Time Signals and Systems course (28+ exams and solutions)

  • Intro to Data Communication Networks course (9+ exams and solutions)

  • Random Processes course (27+ exams and solutions)

  • Digital Communications course (33+ exams and solutions)

Discussion Forum

  • Have a question about the video you're watching or need help on a related topic?  Ask your question in the Members Discussion Forum and I'll do my best to help answer your question.

What People Are Saying....

  • "Stumbling across your channel just saved my semester. Thank you!": Even and Odd Decomposition of a Signal

  • "dude.. final year engineering and its the 1st time i understand this...thank you.": Convolution Integral Example 03

  • "Sir, all your videos have been really helpful for me! just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job.": Vector Space Basis Example #1

  • "Thank you so much for your great explanation...": General Solutions of an Augmented Matrix

  • "Great video and content. Loved the step by step writing approach. Thanks for uploading!": Finding "A" of a Linear Transformation

  • "Brilliantly explained, thanks a lot": Subspace Example #5

  • "Thanks a lot. I literally search the whole internet for this Sampling topic and couldn't find a better explanation than these videos. Simple, lucid and precise. Love from India.": Zero Order Hold Sampling

  • "These lectures are pure gold!": Conjugate Symmetric Discrete-Time Signals

  • "I watched the whole playlist of linear algebra and my concepts got a way better than they were before. Thank you so much sir for providing us with so many questions and concepts.  Your lectures are too clear, awesome and precise.": Eigenvalue Power Method Example #1

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